Wednesday, February 18, 2009

the beginning

I've always loved jewelry! The beginning of my love for jewelry started young. My mom had an old music jewlery box that I would sit in front of for hours. Each piece felt like a little piece of history, some well worn pieces belonging to my great-grandmother, other pieces not so old that belonged to my mother. Each piece a little snapshot of a point in their lives.
It wasn't until about 15 years later that I actually started making jewelry. In 2001, I was inspired by a house that I visited - I'm sure the original tenants are long gone by now. I walked into a spare room and was greeted by such an amazing site, it literally changed my life. It seemed that beads were practically dripping from the ceiling. There was a large work table that had more beads and at that moment I was so inspired that I went the same day to a little local bead shop and began a brand new love affair with jewelry. Here are some of my first pieces:

Sunday, February 1, 2009


I am more power puff girl than superwoman and see the world more like Jackson Pollack than Norman Rockwell. Creating for me is like breathing...I have to do it or I will simply wither away. I am greatly inspired by music, rusty things, traveling, graffiti, and walks in the city. Follow along on my creative journey.....