Friday, August 28, 2009

the dark side

I just learned about liver of sulfur and how it can darken silver. It's quite a bit of work to darken and then brush the pieces so they aren't completely dark but I love the look!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

golden child

I'm not one for gold jewelry, personally. Silver has always suited me best and is the color that seems to catch my eye the most. I like gold on other people and usually end up making pieces in gold for my mom (hi mom!). I decided to try some earrings and have to admit that after all these years not liking gold, I LOVE these little earrings!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ode: Teesha Moore

I don't even know where to start about Teesha - she is sheer inspiration! I started following her art through her art zines "Play" and "Art & Life". I was hooked at the very first page - her use of color, words and faces was different than really anything I had seen before. As I read more and more issues and started looking into her other art work, I was even more inspired. Here was someone who by all appearances was truly living the creative life. I love what she has to say about her own work:

"To me, making art is play. I don't worry what others will think of it. I do it and if others like it, great. If they don't, I know they will move onto the next artist who inspires them. I create from my gut. I let whatever is inside of me come out, so I step aside as much as possible so that can happen. I am always happy to share any idea or technique I know with anyone who wants to listen because it is all about creativity and if something I say can get someone to shoot off down a path of their own creative path, there is no greater joy for me. "
This sentiment is so clear in her work. It speaks from her soul yet is so finished & well designed. I am just blown away by all the things she does.... her zines, her blog, her stamps & her great fabric arts. And although her art gives me just the push I need sometimes, her life inspires me just as much. Here is a mother of two and a wife of 25 + years.........just a beautiful woman who inspires me in more ways than I ever thought possible. Here are some of my favorite pieces:

I hope that you take a peek at her amazing work:
And here is the piece I made inspired by Teesha. I have to admit, as I made this piece, I just let it flow. I didn't worry about how this piece would fit or how that little piece would look. I created, as she says, from the gut. It captures for me the inspiration she gives me to create with reckless abandon and to live a creative life.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

recycled chic

I just came into a huge collection of post industrial recycled leather - each piece is hand painted these beautiful colors. I'm not sure what all I will create with many possibilities. For right now, I've started to make cuff bracelets with fine silver accents. Who knew being nice to the environment could look so cute!